Vanilia Detergents

Items: Dishwashing and Handwashing and Laundry Gel, Bleaching and Surface Cleaning Liquid, Glass Cleaner and Multi-purpose Sprays.
With a footprint that is now becoming more global, Vanilia offers consumers the best solution for tough stains from grease to food stains and more.
The Vanilia itself means God’s gift, which we use for convenience and performance against the toughest contaminations. With a strong focus on consumer needs and innovation, Vanilia has added a range of new products and solutions to its portfolio, including an innovative new formula that effortlessly removes not only grease but other stubborn impurities.

Sunny Foods

Items: canned pickled cucumber, tomato paste, pickled garlic, Paprika, mix of vegetables etc.

Throughout our rich history in food industry, the Sunny products has always been a promise of quality products that you can rely on. We try our best to be innovator and cultivator of nutritious products, paving the way for plant-based items. We’re proud to be the original plant-based company, and proud to have earned our place at your dinning table.

Hugel Shampoo

Items: Hair Shampoo, Babe Shampoo, Bodywash.

With Hugel Shampoo we are committed to making the best possible hair care—safe and effective—with the best and highest possible quality. Every single day, tens of Hugel scientists dedicate their time to think about the health and safety of you and your hair and the community. We believe that safety and efficacy are non-negotiable. Hugel’s ingredients are analysed to provide high safety both for you and the environment. Hugel uses industry leading testing and stability studies to ensure that every product maintains its safety and performance throughout its lifetime.

Behnik Honey

Honey by Behnik is 100% natural and packed directly from the beehives which have only fed by natural flowers and plantswithout any additives. The pure and natural honey, as our most valuable raw material, goes to the packing facilities only after full testing and approving procedures in our in-house laboratory.

The highest possible quality as well as exclusive types of honey and various packings distinguish Behnik from any other honey brands on the market. It should be noted that Behnik has many medicinal effects and is used in traditional medicine to treat bladder inflammation, rheumatism, and gastrointestinal diseases.