Joint Venture with Lotus Shimi Aria, Vanilia Detergents

We at Vista Tadbir Atieh, in order to complete our product portfolio in the field of household detergents, entered into a joint venture partnership with Lotus Shimi Aria by purchasing the majority of its shares. By making fundamental changes in designing, packaging, and formulation, production lines and creation of new products, we redesigned the Vanilia brand and re-launched it to Iran’s detergent market. Currently, Vanilia detergent products are available in all sales channels of the Iranian market, including supermarkets, wholesalers, HORECA, chainstores, self-consumption centers and online stores. We offer Vanilia in: dishwashing, handwashing, laundry gel, handwash and bodywash bar, bleaching and surface cleanser, glass and multi-purpose sprays. All. Items are available in various containers and packages of PET and Poly for households and industrial uses .

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